Aftermath I
Aftermath II
Aftermath III
Ablaze, Fire Hill Abstraction
Aoraki Late Light Effect
Impression, Ocean Beach Storm Remnants
First Snow in Midday Light, Central
First Impressions Exhibition Poster
Lilac Sea Pastels, Bluff Harbour
Sunlit Cascades, Aoraki
Autumn's Elysium
East Across the Channel, Impression
Lilac Hill Pastels
Taiaroa Head Sketch
In Silence Under Oxides
Emerald Sway
Where Blues Become Mauves
Impression, Company Bay
Silver Escarpment with Coolabah
Aoraki Late Light 1
Under a Pastel Sky
Carmine Hill and Elements
Limestone Luminescence
Cimmerian Shade
Pastel Affinity, Summer
Dusk At The Mole
Aoraki Glacial Lake Impression
Mauve Escarpment and Elements
Storm Sea, St Clair
Riverbend Incandescence
Back Beach Impresssion
Lower Gardens Panorama
Hillside Impression with Red Tree
Pathway to Aoraki
Bayfield Park Vista
Alcove Bay Spontaneity
The Pastel Sky, Amaranthine
Aoraki Late Light Effect
Snow Cascades, Lake Pukaki, Aoraki
Aoraki Alight
Mauve Idiosyncrasy, Ablaze
Remnants 1
Aoraki Morning Light Effect
Riverton Estuary Impression
White Cliffs Impression
Dusk Impression, Aoraki Pastels
Mauve Idiosyncrasy
Alpine Impression - Deer Flat, Fiordland
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